Wild Kansas
…to come to know something quite unlike you, to understand it well enough not only to keep it alive
but also to put it back, like a puzzle piece, into the gap in the world it left behind."
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The mission of Northeast Kansas Wildlife Rescue is to provide emergency care to wildlife in need and to return healthy, independent animals back into the wild. We do not make pets of wildlife, however, we do have a unique opportunity to get up close with  our wild neighbors.
We hope you enjoy this gallery. Behind every photo is a story of hope. Thank you for sharing in that story.

Rescue Corner

There is a saying...        "A wonderous bird is a pelican - his beak can hold more than his belly can."  We also have a saying at NEKSWR: There is nothing smellier than a pelican! This NEKSWR rehabber found that out as she transported him to meet up with the WestStar Green Team biologist for his journey south. 

NEKSWR is keeping busy as always this time of year as baby season is in full swing. This barred owlet is one of the many babies in our care. It was rescued after it's nest was accidentally destroyed. It's feathers are coming in beautifully and it is busy learning how to use it's wings to balance, hunt for food and fly.

So Many Questions

​​When NEKSWR certified wildlife rehabilitators take in wildlife, they will ask a lot of questions such as where did you find it? Did it bite anyone (human or pet), was it bitten, etc.  We are not being nosy. The questions we ask help us determine if an animal needs to be released back to the same territory, is in need of specialized care or presents a danger to you or your pet.


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